Hello! Have you ever heard of a Pangolin? They are an endangered animal. We are going to learn about the different kinds of Pangolins, why they are endangered, and how you can help. 

What is a Pangolin?

A Pangolin walks like a T-Rex. Their front legs are about three inches above the ground while they walk. The Pangolin has big armor like scales, it is made from the  same material as human finger nails (keratin). Pangolins have a long tongue like an ant eater. Pangolins come in different colors, like blue, orange, and brown. They also come from different parts of the world like Africa, and Asia.


Humans are Pangolins biggest threats! People remove their scales and grind them up into powder to be used in medicine. It is very unfortunate because there is no proof it remedies anything. People do not use the Pangolins body, just the scales. This is sad and wasteful. In some places they have small land fills full of dead Pangolins!

You can help!

You can help Pangolins by telling more people about them and also learning more about them! Pangolins are really cool. There are not many left, so help them to not be engendered!!


Help save Pangolins

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